Instructions: Edge stool and little animals made of terracotta pots | VBS Hobby craft shop

Instructions: Edge stool and animals from terracotta pots – craft shop and hobby VBS craft supplies

I lined a quirky suitcase from the flea market with foil before putting in a few plant pots with heather, rosemary and sedum. To complete the autumn suitcase filling, chestnuts, beechnuts, cones, hydrangea flowers and a wooden mushroom were added. I placed it on the metal folding chair in front of our front door and leaned against the beech heart made yesterday …

Stones paint colored motifs mandala

DIY storage jar labels to print – DESIGN DOTS

Their filigree flowers can also be used wonderfully for decorative floristic arrangements.

Make chalk yourself | DIY street crayons for children | DIY blog from the Rhineland #summer #bastelnmitkinder

Create a DIY coastal candle holder from a terracotta pot with @bjroderick.

Maritime decorating ideas invite the sea home

#Insect hotel tinkering with tins #garden #balcon #DIY

Garden plugs made of concrete – the instructions for this DIY are available at I made these concrete cones with the help of simple plastic pylons from the sporting goods.


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