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Spring is almost here. At least he has made more than noticeable in the last few days and is about to start. The first rays of sun were balm for the soul. And to further expand the spring mood, of course, some fresh decorations are needed at home too !!! Spring decoration. And what is there… Read more…

Summer ideas for a good mood

A happy DIY for the sunflower – Tollwasblumenmach …

Modesta Latte – Basic Hammock Chair with frame made of Fsc ™ certified spruce La Siesta

5 ways to decorate using the summer’s plants – IKEA

Living idea with materials from nature. Driftwood decorated with fairy lights for a cozy ambience in the living room or bedroom.


Sea flair: make maritime lantern yourself

Painted Driftwood Sticks (Coastal Blues – Set 1)


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